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Boo hiss, its happened to my firm....

RedundanciesPosted by UrbanCanary Thu, February 19, 2009 14:15:07
The inevitable has happened... the viral infection that is the credit crunch which is slowly but surely spreading its way through the entire financial sector and beyond into the everyday life of every individual has finally struck at my firm, forcing it to use the only remedy left in its arsenal.... REDUNDANCIES.

Now let me tell you this has most definately been a surreal experience. Considering that I work for a financial services firm, this should in no doubt have bene unexpected. And of all the lay-offs at banks and other financial firms i've read about, personal accounts I've heard about, why should I have felt in any way surprised!?
Well because it was happening to other people! Not at my firm, not at me. All this redundancy malarky happening across the financial services sector was just that, stuff happening to other people that provides some interesting and at times amusing stories and gossip.

Anywho, I'm thankful to be writing this little post from the office.... I have survived, maybe to simply face another round of redundancies a few months down the line, but I don't care, i have been granted my [temporary] reprieve.

Downsides to surviving a redundancy

- Loss of friends
- The firm gets practice in laying off people
- More work, fewer people


- Lot more deskspace
- No queuing for the bathroom stalls
- Less people to awkwardly awknowledge when walking around the office


UrbanCanary (Still alive and well)

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